11/07/2012 – Ying and Yang….


Symmetry, Balance and ‘The line’. The three fundamentals of a good looking motorcycles. Infact the fundamentals behind almost anything thats good looking, from cars, to houses, to furniture even to people.

Back to motorcycles though, sit down exactley 90 degree side on, get down level with the machine alittle way back and this is the spot where you can see if it has all, some or none of the above.

Symmetry and Balance are easy to understand, but frustratingly difficult to achieve. ‘The line’ we believe starts somewhere infront of the headlight and stretchs over the top yokes along the tank, down the seat and off behind the rear tyre. A streamline sortof. Its a matter or taste and opinion but we like this line unbroken and curvacious.

Get all three right and even without paint, without fixing everything on properly and without quite a few major components you have the foundations for something that you know is going to look right whatever when its done.

Sermon finished!

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