Monthly Archives: February 2012

17/02/2012 – Pup’s ready for the painters!

Finally the Pup is ready for stripping and apart from some odd ends to tie up with electricals, the badge to be mounted on the headstock and a little tinkering with the front brake master cylinder the fabrication is as good as done! In my experience it pays off in the end to take the time to get everything possible mounted and finalised pre stripping as now is the time to move and adjust components, rather than when everything has been freshly painted and polished! Really pleased with the motorcycles stance and balance, and remember this is a 2008, 3000 mile bike which has a look now which I believe to suit perfectly the engine and running gear.  Follow us on our Facebook or Twitter page for regular updates!


26/01/2012 – O.E.M’s first photoshoot!

We recently took the unfinished Pup to an undisclosed and virtually unreachable location in the depths of Norfolk for our very first photoshoot for use on our webpage! Thing is, we had so many stunning shots it would have been a shame to waste them so we have compiled them into a short slideshow.  The soundtrack and photography is by Social Group Media (SGM), whose work was second to none as you will see. If you enjoy this then you might be interested to know that a short video is currently in the pipeline, featuring the first completed motorcycle out of the O.E.M  workshop, with shots and soundtrack by SGM.  Enjoy!


Old Empire Motorcycles – Getting the Shot from Old Empire Motorcycles on Vimeo.

25/01/2012 – Pups progression

The pup is progressing steadily, there is alot going on at O.E.M at the moment with clothing being organised as well as some other goodies so keep a look out! We are around 3/4  way through fabrication in this picture, and although its not a particularly complicated design, you can forget sometimes how much time and effort can go into handmaking individual components, but its all these little things that make our creations just that little bit more special! Keep a lookout on our Facebook page for regular updates on the Pup and our other current projects.