Monthly Archives: June 2012

26/06/12 – A Hive of activity……..


Its a hive of activity at the Temple again! We’ve been beating back journalists and their photographers, trying to move things on in the Hurricane front, deciding the next Progeny bike and to top it off sold Pup no.2 already!

And in our spare time….we have been getting our quarterly newsletter ready to rock and roll. Now, we cant say we are big fans of newsletters that fill your inbox up everyday with boring, old and irrelevant news. We are however, fans of being offered unreleased and up to date news and pictures and more importantly we are even bigger fans of getting what we call ‘OEM’s little somethings’ that will feature in someway in every newsletter…..interested? Even we are! If your not happy its only a click to unsubscribe, but you wont, promise!

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19/06/2012 – Back from Beaulieu!

Back from Beaulieu! A weekend of beer, bikes, hotrods and good company. We made loads of new friends and congrats to the AMD crew and ESN events team who organised the best turnout of custom motorcycles we have seen to date!

And…to top it off we came a very respective 4th place in the freestyle class which we are dead chuffed with considering the Pups our first motorcycle and the talent and high calibre of competition we were up against was phenomenal!

Here is the best in show winner, ‘Demon Speed’ by builders Abnormal Cycles; those pesky italians have style by the lorry load!

15/06/12 – This weekend we are mainly…..

This weekend we are mainly attending the Custom Motorcycle Show at the Beaulieu Motor Museum!

No stand this time unfortunately but the Pup will be present will some flyers and badges around her for keepsakes! Pop down and see the creme de la creme of British custom motorcycles, its also part of the AMD world championship so whoever wins is off the Sturgis for the finals!

Pop down on either Saturday and Sunday as the OEM team will be hanging about wearing our attire and generally looking fabulous, but also chatting to anyone interested in the cause!

Click on the image above for more info!

01/06/12 – We’re on paper and here comes the Hurricane….

A quick update before the long weekend! Here is the OEM Hurricane in a mockup stage, still playing round with the wheels to get the balance right, but we are liking the low down, muscular look of this build already, it has potential!

Also we’re finally on paper! Thanks to Nigel from Classic Bike Guide, who spoke to us at Stafford show in April. Here’s the link to our first, very concise but very exciting newspiece!