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31/07/12 – OEM in Motion…


Introducing for the first time OEM in motionand the first of our Progeny builds, The Pup.

Shot as a ‘teaser’ to our first full length video currently in production of the Pup, it shows you a little about OEM, our workplace and the process of taking a design from paper all the way to the tarmac.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! Captured and directed by Ciaran Paddy Fallon at
and the SGM boys at

Thanks all!


13/07/2012 – OEM Origins??

Presenting the much much go. Based around a Honda CB250 donor and with a few frame mods utilising the same running gear a very trendy ‘original’ custom was made for not alot of money.

Basically we want to utilise a common motorcycle as the foundations for lots of quite different creations. Deus has the SR500, Ryca has the Susuki savage, and everyone else usually use XS650’s or Harleys. Newer triumphs also seem to becoming increasingly popular.

However these have already been used, some are too expensive and some are difficult to find on this fair isle. We need something different, something easily attainable, something reliable, something with a smaller capacity, and something that the end result can be more affordable but most importantly something with as yet untapped potential.

We think its the Honda CB250, perfect for thwaking around the city yet has enough grunt for country cruising. Its a Honda so it reliable, worthy donors are plentiful, they are affordable, they can be ridden while new riders are still on there limited license and they have the basic foundations for a variety of new and distinctive looks.

So were putting it to you.

Firstly do you like the much much go or something similar and secondly what would you be prepared to pay for a similar roadworthy (with lights etc) custom build??


You can message us through our website if its easier:


11/07/2012 – Ying and Yang….


Symmetry, Balance and ‘The line’. The three fundamentals of a good looking motorcycles. Infact the fundamentals behind almost anything thats good looking, from cars, to houses, to furniture even to people.

Back to motorcycles though, sit down exactley 90 degree side on, get down level with the machine alittle way back and this is the spot where you can see if it has all, some or none of the above.

Symmetry and Balance are easy to understand, but frustratingly difficult to achieve. ‘The line’ we believe starts somewhere infront of the headlight and stretchs over the top yokes along the tank, down the seat and off behind the rear tyre. A streamline sortof. Its a matter or taste and opinion but we like this line unbroken and curvacious.

Get all three right and even without paint, without fixing everything on properly and without quite a few major components you have the foundations for something that you know is going to look right whatever when its done.

Sermon finished!

09/07/2012 – Making a difference….

Hey all! We just received some great news regarding a little ongoing project that we have been working on for a while now. As you are probably aware, we are keen promoters for British business and manufacture, promotion is a start but actively helping the cause is what is going to make a difference.

With this in mind we have recently formed a partnership with a uk based scheme called ‘Young Enterprise’, which deals with the encouragement, education and re ignition of British business and manufacture amongst today’s youth which is where the difference will be made.

OEM’s part in this relationship is to donate a small percentage off of every item in our stores (excluding motorcycles!!) directly to the cause. No forms to fill in, no rattling of donation tins and no hassle. Just direct donation to the future of Great British Business!

Check there website out here:

And here is a sample of the labels that adorn our wares!