Monthly Archives: August 2012

31/08/2012 – Revitalising the Virago….


The Virago 535, not the nicest looking motorcycle to roll out the Yamaha factory and certainly not one known for its use as the foundations for a custom build.

Its builds like these however that we want to focus our attentions on as part of our ‘Genus’ builds. Easily attainable, affordable and as yet relatively unused in the custom motorcycle world are our target motorcycles to then be turned in

to distinct OEM rides with as little work and funding as possible.

As previously put to you were opened minded to any donor motorcycles, a couple we really want to get our teeth into are the older iron barrel Royal Enfield and the Honda CB125/250/400 which are but a few.

The Genus builds are meant to be as affordable as possible and its more important to us at this point to get more of our designs and motorcycles out there than making our fortune!

Drop us a line with any ideas that you think we could put our styling into:


28/08/2012 – Tempest


Drawings great, computer aided drawings even better. It saves time and can give people a glimpse of what the builders intentions are and where they are going within a certain build.

But personally nothing can substitute the temporary tacking of components together to see how well balanced and how good a certain design looks.

This is our first look at a revised Tempest, its stance and style, everything only roughly ‘hung’ in place, but already we can see its potential.

Not sure what the style is but a nice even mix of cafe, boardtracker and sports bike we suppose.

Somebodys going to be the very lucky owner one day!

24/08/2012 – Bon Appetit!


We like the fancy menus some smart eateries have and inspired by them we thought we would have some of our own made up!

Instead of displaying our soup of the day we are using them to keep all your documents and paperwork safe and sound in something alittle special that each and every OEM motorcycle leaves the Temple with!

Bon Appetit!

22/08/2012 – A new build….


Our newest arrival to the Temple. A ’09 1500 mile royal enfield efi, destined to be something special.

Fat Avon SM tyres front and back, USD front end, forwards, solo seat, custom tank. She’s going to be low, short, compact and chunky. A heady mix of classic bobber and classic enfield. Keep posted for progress!