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02/09/2012 – And thats a wrap!


Filming is finally finto for the first little video of our first bike out of the temple’s doors!

Its been a while since we waited and saw the sun creep over the horizon, in Norwich it peeps above the fields at 6am, we h

ad 2 hours of filming before that and then carried to film for another 2 hours after.

We have some truly spectacular shots that are currently being condensed by the Suffolk Spielberg at Ciaran Paddy Fallon Productions:
into a 2 minute film that was introduced to you in the form of our little teaser, the OEM Overture:

Were all tired, sore and glad we have the footage and even some lovely teasing snaps taken by our good friends at SGM Media:

We dont like to give to much away as you well know so this little gem will have to suffice for now!