Monthly Archives: December 2012

24/12/12 – Two things…

Well Chappy’s we are just about wrapped up here for xmas and new year, we may pop back to the house of assembly to work on some new designs and ideas but its time to kick back, drink too much, eat too much and watch the great escape at least a couple of times.

I am going to leave you with firstly a thank you to everybody who has helped and supported OEM in our infancy through 2012, who have seen the potential of what we make, what we do and what we want to do and most importantly are as enthusiastic about it as I am. I tip my hat to you and i will down numerous horns of ale in your honor new years eve!

Secondly, look at what has found it way to the H.O.A….
A classic bullet that be, 2002, 234km on the clock, the perfect foundations for the first of the next generation of bullet builds using the Pups bloodline, style, stance and look as inspiration for the build but with a more affordable price tag.The brooks saddle, roadrunner tyres and sporty tank are begging to be dragged off the shelf and placed in situ, not long now….

Merry xmas and a Happy New Year to all!

The OEM Team.

23/12/12 – Phat….

Fabrication finito! Well nearly, few more mods to make regarding the switch gear and rear guard but other than that its sorted! Its our first fully commissioned motorcycle, built to the customers spec and although its not exactly what we would have built if it was purely our own build and its not ground breaking in its style or design its more importantly a perfect example of a ‘bobber’ with its short, stocky stance and all the right details in the right place regardless of everything else. A pearl white and pearl blue colour scheme is order of the day with highlights of silver, scotched alloy, a dash chrome with black leather finishings = mouth wateringingly good looking ride!

20/12/12 – Piccys!


Our photos from Saturnalia have finally been compiled into a gallery so hit the link and have a looksie! If you couldn’t make it this year then good news is we have agreed to do another next year that will be bigger, better, have heating and an even wider variety of custom motorcycles! Get on the Saturnalia page a give it a like to keep updated or sync in with the HotWire.

06/12/2012 – Saturnalia encounting…

After today's manic online shopathon we guess you guys and gals will have all Christmas wrapped up and ready to rock, if that is the case then totte

r yourselves down or up to Norwich this Saturday to celebrate in festivities and our very first 'Compilation of Imagination'. Free admission, hot beverages and snacks and most importantly about as electic mix of art forms you may ever see! Be there!