Monthly Archives: May 2013

27/05/13 – A new beginning…


So we are fairly well known for our custom enfields so far, but a new arrival to the workshop means a new beginning for us to showcase what we can do from a very different starting point, we are just about to release our first jap engined build but this Ducati 900SS is the first v twin that we have worked on and its transformation to the OEM Typhoon will be an interesting one, keep posted on developments through our HotWire subscription or our F/B page.

05/05/2013 – PreQuake Bash!


Okay girl and boys, If you havent already heard them boys at SideBurn magazine are hosting an event to end all events on the 8th of June. DirtQuake 2 is set to be a stunner, not only can you run whatcha brung round the track, you got the music, you got the good people and most importantly you got motorcycles and plenty of them!

We like this event big time, so much in fact that we are putting on a ‘Pre Quake Bash’ hosted only 10 minutes down from the event venue. We got the brews, we got the beats, we got the bikes and the food and we even got the beds! So drag those tents out and come along to get the ball rolling for what is set to be one of the events of the year!