Monthly Archives: July 2013

31/07/2013 – Bagged up…

Vulcan Azo

There is no doubt in our minds that a stripped down and minimalistic motorcycle is the preferred build type here at the House of Assembly but it does pose the problem of wanting to carry anything about with you. Of course there are backpacks aplenty but finding one suitable enough and good looking enough to wear while screaming about on the OEM Vulcan proved tough, that was until we found the Azo Equipment company whose British made expeditionary bags blend form and function perfectly.

Also shown is another fine example of an ODFU tee soon to be featured also…

22/07/2013 – The Vulcan cometh….


Well its been a while since our last release but its a big one, our first jap twin engined build, based around a 1975 CB250 we wanted to flex our designing muscles and see what we could come up with. The result is the OEM Vulcan which is set for release end of the month alongside an amazing attire setup involved in the shoot and the obligatory steam train or two….

Photographs courtesy of Nadine Ijewere

11/07/2013 – Wallpaperin….


Well the suns a a’shinin and were off to grab a brew, before we leave we have alittle gift for all those interested, hit the link below to download some unreleased wallpaper especially made up for you guys, all formats should be there so get pasting!

Also if any of you guys are headed to the Goodwood FOS over the next few days, make sure you check out Watches of Knightbridge stand 38 as you may see a certain Pup hanging out with a Sunbeam Tiger….