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28/10/2013 – Nothing like some knitware….


Among the many company’s that kindly worked with us on our recent trip we have to admit we got quite excited by working with Private White VC. The history to the brand is fantastic and check out their ‘meet private white‘ page, its spiffing stuff! All made in Manchester they are a fine examples of the quality and craftsmanship still about on this fair isle.

Not only were we able to road test these fantastic British knitted sweaters but also their ‘twin track’ bee’swax jackets which proved to be waterproof and oh so super comfortable.

All in all some sterling British made stuff! Check them out here:

23/10/13 – All Edwinned out…

_MG_0230Edwin are not unknown for there collaborations with motorcycle builder, most notably the boys at Blitz motorcycles.

All the more reason to feel very proud that we were able to use a couple of pairs of their fine jeans and shirts for our recent trip. To be honest im not a fan of manbit crushingly tight jeans and espieally not when riding a motorcycle on a considerable journey.

However i have no complaints about these bad boys, everything remained unrestricted and uncrushed after many hours riding and considering they were a new pair of jeans they seemed to wear in nicely very quickly. The denim itself is super sturdy and even though we spent some time crawling under the bikes on pavement they seemed unscathed. All in all we likey long time!

Check them out here:

21/10/2013 – Cruising in comfort…


On our recent mega-trip we were honoured to ride in Jackets made by Britain’s oldest motorcycle clothing company, Lewis Leathers.

Although the jackets we had were made of the finest thick nu buck leather they were surprisingly light and supple, the cut of them meant they fitted perfectly and even when in a riding position you could move freely.

Of course the most important thing is that they looked absolutely fabulush! We were lucky to have both black and brown examples and both were equally appealing. Its no surprise a company who produces such high quality jackets has been around for over 100 years, we expect them to be around for another 100 as long as they keep turning out jackets like these!

Head over to their shop here:


19/10/2013 – Skid lids….


They may not be British made but we are keen promoters of brands whose products showcase quality workmanship and design wherever they originate from.

Ruby Helmets are one of the best examples. The guys at Ruby were kind enought to let us use two of there fine collection,the Le Castel and Le Pavillon. Its hard to believe how comfortable we were throughout the entire journey considering we rode through bands of torrential rain and intense sunshine most days. The details to each helmet are fantastic,a delicate chrome rim around the edging of the Pavillon,  small ‘ventilation’ holes in the chin piece on the Castelle to stop misting on the visor and not to mention the Ruby Angel inside watching over us at all times.

See these beautiful helmets here:

17/10/2013 – Some shade…


Bad time of year to be talking about protection for your eyes from the rarity that i believe they call ‘sunshine’. But when it comes to shading our peepers on our recent trip we called upon FanOptics.

A relatively young business like ourselves these people produce some amazing sunglasses. All handmade in England and based on simple yet elegant designs, they fit and sit your face perfectly and look stunning!

Check out their goodies here: