Monthly Archives: February 2014

23/02/2014 – Forgin and leverin….


A new part of OEM 2014 is not to just showcase our motorcycles and the clothing/lifestyle that we choose to go alongside them but to showcase the amazing variety and skill hidden away abouts the country.

One of our first examples are these spectacular bar end levers that are made by Moto Phoenix based up north. This particular set are for the OEM Typhoon which is shortly to go away for a lick of paint. We have had a number of bar end levers come into the House of Assembly since we started but none of them are a patch on the quality of these bad boys. Forged from stainless steel and precision machined they come with all the fitments required to assemble and make them perform flawlessly. Each set is custom made for the specific dimensions of the owners application and at around £110 a pair you cant go wrong.

If your looking literally for that vintage twist on your on build then check out these British engineered and made levers here:


08/02/2014 – It begins…


Finally we have our greasy little hands on one of the most prolifically used donor motorcycles in the custom world, the Yamaha SR500.

Dubbed the OEM Lightning after the cold war era jet fighter this build will be one set to stun. All going well its should be done by May ’14 so keep a lookout by following our blog for updates aswell as our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Also if you like what you see here then have a flick through our concept page explaining the process in which we go through to get to this point. If you really like what you see then wing us over an email and we’ll see what we could come up with!

06/02/2014 – Off to the big city again…


Our first day out of 2014 involves heading down for the MCN Excel Motorcycle show from the 14th – 16th of this month. Its the debut of our freshly finished unseen OEM Merlin build and the Bulldog will be making an appearance also. Head on down for a looksy as the line up in the custom zone looks mighty fine indeed…

Pre-order your tickets here: