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30/03/2014 Matt Foster London

Matt Foster London


Matt Foster is not only a professional jeweller hand crafting beautifully bespoke pieces, he is also an innovator in his approach to materials.

Matt has been on our radar for a while now and as the Merlin shoot was our first shoot to use a female model we wanted something special to accompany the beauty of the model and beauty of the bike.

Take a look at the Merlin page to see more of the pieces we used on the shoot and  to view more of Matt’s amazing Jewelery on his website.

16/03/2014 – Hubba hubba….


You know whats unappreciated?


 At OEM these are the very first thing we change as we believe they have the ability to make or break a build. Thinking about a motorcycle in proportions- the wheels make up a big chunk of what you see which is why it is all the more important to make sure all the components making up the wheels are suited perfectly to the build.

On our biggest build yet the OEM Typhoon, we have had the pleasure of using a quad leading shoe drum brake hub at the sharp end and a twin leading shoe at the rear. Supplied by UK based Discovolante Moto they are Replica Yamaha TZ racing hubs, although not made here and not cheap they are however beautiful pieces of engineering and suit this build down to the ground. Check the myriad of other bits and bobs available here:

Whats a hub without a rim? To ensure we mated up the perfect combination we consulted our local wheels builder (blog post forthcoming..) who pointed us in the direction of Central wheel components. Safe to say they have one of the best selections of new rims from stainless to ally to chrome. Most of the rims are imported but they do all their wheel building in house and it gives builders like ourselves the opportunity to really mix and match between rims and hubs to get the desired look! Check them out here:

Then there’s the all important rubber of which there will be more to come on soon….

09/03/2014 – Exhausted…..


We have built our fair share of pipes now at the House of Assembly and its been quite an effort to find a supplier of high quality and consistent tube bends and fitments.

Time after time we ended up paying premium prices for stainless tubing that was either of a poor grade of steel, misshapen or inconsistent in the bends. If you have ever attempted to build an exhaust system from scratch you will know how hard it is to weld up tubes that are not perfectly circular and its nigh on impossible to get that beautiful bead of weld that runs evenly round the entire circumference.

Our search is at an end however as we have found the best supplier yet of exhaust tubing and they be called Chris Tullet Exhausts Ltd. Although only dealing with them a few times not only were we impressed by the quality of the tubing, the online ordering service is quick and easy and the postage seems super speedy too. They offer a huge range of stainless and inconel exhaust bends and lengths and specialise in creating complete systems if you so wish.

Check them out here:

02/03/2014 – Braking hard….


Its always a difficult one. Or rather it used to be a difficult one when first getting going in this line of work. That is the issue of making the decision on whether to punt out a rather large wad of cash for the premium product or save a few pennys and get the cheaper option. Experience now learnt from a variety of lessons is to at least try the premium product when the chance arises and do some comparisons for future reference.

Well we havent even put this particular product through its paces yet but just based up the look, feel and fitment they are head and shoulders above the alternatives. Made and designed by Harrison here in the UK they are precision machined to exact measurements. This particular set up is for the OEM Gladiator build currently underway and were made specifically for this custom fitment. The centres of these fantastic looking floating discs are adonised black and the Harrison logo subtly etched in. We will release some photos of them on the wheels soon enough but take our word on it that they look the business!

Dealing with Janine and Derek at Harrison was also a breath of fresh air as they have the whole process of design to manufacture down to a T and we had to restrain ourselves from buying a set of their stunning calipers to complete the package although watch this space…

Check out these exemplary examples of British engineering at its best here: