Monthly Archives: October 2014

16/10/2014 – A Schmoke and a pancake….


‘Old Empire’s motorcycles are timeless, beautiful, and personal. The guys are tremendously passionate and talented builders with no shortage of vision, and it was great getting to know them and developing a relationship throughout the Merlin build. The time and care put into the builds is evident in everything, from the passionate initial conversations and sketches to the roaring ride through the British countryside when you pick it up. Naturally, the bike is nothing short of amazing, but based on their previous work I knew it would be.’

Win – OEM Merlin owner, Amsterdam

02/10/2014 – A win at Salon!


Its been a while since we posted so we thought we would make it a good one!

We had a fantastic weekend down in sunny London dribbling over million pound cars at Salon Prive and to top it off we walked away with winning the ‘Striking Bike’ category at the show!

We will be releasing the full photoshoot and video of the Typhoon shortly so keep them eyes peeled….