The Typhoon


We usually draw upon inspiration from specific styles, but with the Typhoon we have built what we felt we needed to build based around the specific donor, in this case a Ducati 900ss. It is what we feel is the perfect showcase of the very best aesthetics from the original motorcycle,  mixed with carefully engineered handmade components, to produce a motorcycle that goes back the very fundamentals of two wheeled travel.






 ‘..combining art and engineering to dramatic effect..’




‘A Masterpiece…’


‘It’s a machine bristling with subtlety, and stuffed with almost obsessive detail..’



The Typhoon is a testament to Great British craftsmanship and design and could not have been completed without the exceptional skills and services of Black Shuck Kustoms, Demeanour customs, Jake Robbins vintage engineering, Ekquire motorcycles, Amal carburettors, Framingham motorcycles, Alloy polishing services, MP sodablasting, Morley Brothers paint, Specialised polishing services, Avon tyres, Chris Tullet exhausts, Moto Phoenix, Solow Choppers,, Venhill cables, Auto Electric Supply, Morris oils and Seastar Superbikes.

Specially chosen attire kindly provided by Hedon Helmets, Boda skins jacket, Cirrus Jackets, Edwin Europe, Southcombe Gloves, Dr. Martens Boots, Matt Foster London and Azo Backpacks.

Thanks to Richard Stow and assistant Sebastian Mccluskey for the fantastic photography. Stunning modelling by Tijana Tamboric and make up by Ashleigh Haines.

Thanks to Jon Mortimer for the wet plate photography. Clothing kindly provided by Workhouse, Scott Frasier and Dr. Martens.

Thanks also to Silver Heart Pictures for the astounding filmwork.