Based on a 1650cc Victory Hammer the Gladiator is designed to have the aesthetics of a hardened street bike but have all the usability of a long distance tourer. Careful trimming of all excess bodywork, reshaping the tank and in general creating a more aggressive feel using the stock frame is key to the transformation of this build.







 ‘..a transatlantic blend of modern brawn and nostalgia.’


‘..properly sorted in every department..’


Specially chosen attire kindly provided by Collectif Clothing.

As usual our thanks goes to all the local independent craftspeople who we work with to create our motorcycles: Black Shuck Kustom, Demeanour customs, GB Upholstery, Suffolk Blast clean, Harrison Billet, Smiths speedo’s, Dynajet, Krazy Horses, Aerocoat , Electroplate UK, Morely brothers, London Motorcycle Wiring, Flying Tiger Coatings, Framlingham Motorcycles, So Low Choppers, Amal carburettors, R and D moto, Hagon shocks, Electrex, Boyer Bransden, West country windings, Greensand Foundry, MP Sodablasting and Randalls engineering.

Photography by Vaughan Treyvellan.

Modelling and makeup by Grace Gray