The Pup truly takes our ‘Pure Motorcycle’ motto and holds it close to its thumping heart. It takes you back to the fundamentals of motorcycling where handlebars, a seat, some wheels and an engine is all that is needed to enjoy the ‘purity’ of riding a British made, handmade custom motorcycle. A blend of bobber and boardtracker, the Pup is a perfect mixture of old and new.




“The Pup is as light and as compact as a hand grenade….its as light as souffle with the kick of a tequilla slammer.”

Gary Inman / Classic Bike Guide

“..you find yourself looking at one of the coolest pommie custom bikes in recent memory. Tally ho!”


“The Pup….is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Somehow they seemed to have let the sex kitten out of the matronly Royal Enfield Electra on which it is based. It seems uncouth to stare but who can resist?”


Photography by SGM Media.