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06/12/2014 – And Release…


Well, its finally done and out there. Its been quite sometime in the making but we think its worth it. Not everybody’s cup of tea and not your European tourer by any stretch of the imagination. She’s something we felt needed to be built based around what we started with and let the design evolve as we progressed of which the result is pretty pleasing we think!



27/05/13 – A new beginning…


So we are fairly well known for our custom enfields so far, but a new arrival to the workshop means a new beginning for us to showcase what we can do from a very different starting point, we are just about to release our first jap engined build but this Ducati 900SS is the first v twin that we have worked on and its transformation to the OEM Typhoon will be an interesting one, keep posted on developments through our HotWire subscription or our F/B page.

21/01/2013 – Cup of Typhoon…..

Snowed in yesterday so out came mein crayons!

Just say someone allowed motorcycles onto the olymipic velodrome. What would you take? We would take something like this, a modern day take on the vintage boardtracker based around a Ducati Monster. Trellis framed hardtail, minimal seat, cut down tank, narrow usd forks, 19”+ wheels and twin exit pipes directly under the motor. Cup of Typhoon anyone?