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03/09/2013 – The Impossible Collection….

harrodsTwas a long haul last night, left early yesterday evening and back in the early hours, but worth every hour of sleep lost as we were privileged to see Assoulines amazing shop being built in Harrods and even more amazing was that dear old Pup is part of it!

Its all for the launch of their latest new book ‘The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles’ which is an entire tree’s worth of amazing photography and motorcycles but be warned the price tag is not for the feint hearted! However we have been lucky enough to have a peep at it and it is something to behold, mind you wouldn’t want to beholdin it long as it weighs as much as a tree too! Check it out here aswell as there other fine books:


19/08/2013 – The Brackstival..

IMG_20130818_093934Typically Sunday is the day set aside for rest and prayer which is pretty much exactly what we didnt do yesterday. For once the OEM workshop dwellers of Suffolk headed out into the bright sunlight and down to Brackley.

‘Why Brackley?’ you say. Well it turns out that this quaint town attracts a sea of motorcyclists of all shapes and sizes upon its annual motorcycle festival event now its 5th year and still going strong. We were very kindly invited down by the organisers as part of the BikeShed along with the very Spiritual SOTS boys and the upcoming builder CRC who with between us all managed to assemble a mighty selection of sweet sickles!

The turn out was truly fantastic and we were told a record for the event which is not a surprise as this is the only picture we could snap at the very beginning of the day where you could see all the bikes! Thank goes to all the organisers, especially Dom and Andy for being so hospitable and we hope they raised plenty of money for a very worthwhile charity.

See you all next year!

20/11/2012 – Its been fun, but its time to go…

Auviour, aufidersen and goodbye to Pup 2! She’s off to her new home as of tomorrow, so thought we had best capture the moment with 1 and 2 in the same place!

Also take this opportunity to tell y’all that although we had the best intentions of a run of 10 we feel these particular builds are too special to take that far so we are capping the run at 3! Pup 1 will be up for sale as of the new year also, as she has done the show rounds and its time to use all the lessons learnt and inspiration gained from the Pups into a Genus build that is currently in the pipeline….. watch this space!

18/09/2012 – Exciting times!!!


Exciting times!!!

We can finally confirm that we will be displaying our fine wares at:

Copdock motorcycle show 30th September 2012

Stafford mechanics show (Amal stand) 20th/21st October 2012

NEC Classic car/motorcycle show 16th/17th/18th November 2012

We’ll be taking the Pup for its last round of the shows for this year then it has to find a new home! Hopefully we will have a couple other builds in progress at a few of the shows aswell as taking the last of our limited edition tee’s!

Also we recently have seen the first mini clip of our first full video, you guys and gals are going to love it!

Here is another little snapshot of the Pup in action with some more of our vintage riding attire we are currently sourcing and soon to be photographing!

Best get back to it!

02/09/2012 – And thats a wrap!


Filming is finally finto for the first little video of our first bike out of the temple’s doors!

Its been a while since we waited and saw the sun creep over the horizon, in Norwich it peeps above the fields at 6am, we h

ad 2 hours of filming before that and then carried to film for another 2 hours after.

We have some truly spectacular shots that are currently being condensed by the Suffolk Spielberg at Ciaran Paddy Fallon Productions: http://www.facebook.co/paddyproductions?ref=ts
into a 2 minute film that was introduced to you in the form of our little teaser, the OEM Overture: https://vimeo.com/46223023

Were all tired, sore and glad we have the footage and even some lovely teasing snaps taken by our good friends at SGM Media: http://thesgmedia.tumblr.com/.

We dont like to give to much away as you well know so this little gem will have to suffice for now!