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23/02/2014 – Forgin and leverin….


A new part of OEM 2014 is not to just showcase our motorcycles and the clothing/lifestyle that we choose to go alongside them but to showcase the amazing variety and skill hidden away abouts the country.

One of our first examples are these spectacular bar end levers that are made by Moto Phoenix based up north. This particular set are for the OEM Typhoon which is shortly to go away for a lick of paint. We have had a number of bar end levers come into the House of Assembly since we started but none of them are a patch on the quality of these bad boys. Forged from stainless steel and precision machined they come with all the fitments required to assemble and make them perform flawlessly. Each set is custom made for the specific dimensions of the owners application and at around £110 a pair you cant go wrong.

If your looking literally for that vintage twist on your on build then check out these British engineered and made levers here:



08/12/2013 – Girdered…..


So we had a trip down south this weekend, not the most pleasant of journeys we have been on but well worth the appalling slow weekend traffic down the A21.

Good news is that we finally dropped of the OEM Typhoon down at Jake Robbins Vintage Engineering based in Hastings. We only spent a short time in his workshop but suffice to say we were impressed not just by the setup but by the man himself who proved a fountain of knowledge when it comes to not only girder forks but general metal work.

The set of girders being specially made for the Typhoon are based on a small production run of handmade pre war triumph girders. You have to take my word on it but the craftsmanship is astounding and we cannot wait to see the custom set on the Typhoon!

Jake and his son are another example of fine British craftsmanship hidden away on this fair isle.

Check them out here:

Jake Robbins Vintage Engineering