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19/10/2013 – Skid lids….


They may not be British made but we are keen promoters of brands whose products showcase quality workmanship and design wherever they originate from.

Ruby Helmets are one of the best examples. The guys at Ruby were kind enought to let us use two of there fine collection,the Le Castel and Le Pavillon. Its hard to believe how comfortable we were throughout the entire journey considering we rode through bands of torrential rain and intense sunshine most days. The details to each helmet are fantastic,a delicate chrome rim around the edging of the Pavillon,  small ‘ventilation’ holes in the chin piece on the Castelle to stop misting on the visor and not to mention the Ruby Angel inside watching over us at all times.

See these beautiful helmets here:

17/10/2013 – Some shade…


Bad time of year to be talking about protection for your eyes from the rarity that i believe they call ‘sunshine’. But when it comes to shading our peepers on our recent trip we called upon FanOptics.

A relatively young business like ourselves these people produce some amazing sunglasses. All handmade in England and based on simple yet elegant designs, they fit and sit your face perfectly and look stunning!

Check out their goodies here:

16/10/2013 – These boots are made for walking….and riding


The boots we usually wear in the workshop are for all intent and purposes the boots we wear riding. Big ol’ steeleys which protect our tootsies from big hammers and bikes falling on them, however they are not that great when it comes too actually feeling whats going on in the bike shift and braking department.

This is why we used these handmade lovelys for our trip, made by Grenson in England they are unbelievably comfortable and although not made as a dedicated motorcycle boot they protect and support perfectly.

Check out these bad boys here:

15/10/2013 – Belted up…

_MG_0228Leather is a fantastic material and we think its completely underestimated in its use when designing and building a bike. It immediately softens up and gives texture to what can sometimes be the very cold and hard finish of metal and paint.

This is why when it came to our latest adventure we found a small British company specialising in all sorts of handmade leather goodies called Born and Bred. We used a couple of their fantastic belts over the course of the trip and we wear them most days in the workshop, they are built to last and both the buckle and thick leather strap oozes quality.

Need to keep them trousers up in style? Then check out Born and Bred’s fine British made wares here:

14/10/2013 – Packing for an adventure??

_MG_0272Good News! We recently finished up with the Hunter shoot which will be shortly winging its way across the interweb!

The shoot was actually done on the back of a bigger project based on our next promotional film featuring two of our bikes and a mahussive trip! We need to be kitted out properly for it so we got into contact with company’s who have the same ideals on quality, innovation and style as our own, one of which are those folks at Azo Equipment.

It was one hell of a journey and the Bashilo Backpacks proved faultless, through rain, wind and sunshine they stayed comfortable, dry and unrestrictive in every way. These are simply another showcase of the best of British design and manufacture. Check them out here: