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14/10/2013 – Packing for an adventure??

_MG_0272Good News! We recently finished up with the Hunter shoot which will be shortly winging its way across the interweb!

The shoot was actually done on the back of a bigger project based on our next promotional film featuring two of our bikes and a mahussive trip! We need to be kitted out properly for it so we got into contact with company’s who have the same ideals on quality, innovation and style as our own, one of which are those folks at Azo Equipment.

It was one hell of a journey and the Bashilo Backpacks proved faultless, through rain, wind and sunshine they stayed comfortable, dry and unrestrictive in every way. These are simply another showcase of the best of British design and manufacture. Check them out here:


31/07/2013 – Bagged up…

Vulcan Azo

There is no doubt in our minds that a stripped down and minimalistic motorcycle is the preferred build type here at the House of Assembly but it does pose the problem of wanting to carry anything about with you. Of course there are backpacks aplenty but finding one suitable enough and good looking enough to wear while screaming about on the OEM Vulcan proved tough, that was until we found the Azo Equipment company whose British made expeditionary bags blend form and function perfectly.


Also shown is another fine example of an ODFU tee soon to be featured also…