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21/04/12 – Start Pinning!


At OEM we cant say that we are a regular users of our personal social networking pages etc, but using these as tools to reach people and connecting with them from all over the world to tell them about Old Empire and showing people what we are doing is a big buzz. Pinterest is something that we immeadiatly liked, due to the fact that it connects people via the images that they ‘pin’ to there own virtual boards rather than text or requests. These images are shared amongst the rest of the community so people can see what inspires or what you are all about! So click below and have a looksie, you wont be disappointed and remember to follow OEM’s very own Pinboard!


21/04/12 – Getting there…


So our first show is less than a week away and were still waiting the hardchromers for the fork stancions! Although we planned way ahead with everything, its going to be down to the line as usual! Our first attire collection will be finished the day before we leave so we are expecting some late nights this week, dont judge us if were not looking quite as dapper as we should on the first day at the show! However we can assure you that the very first Pup will be on form!