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28/09/2012 – Hello Copdock…


So lads and ladess’s, we shall see you at Copdock motorcycle show Ipswich Trinity Park this Sunday!

Lookout for the OEM emblem, we’ve got our customised marquee with some unusual bits and bobs for furniture with of course the Pup, the Hurricane and possibly our Royal enfield EFI build.

We are also bringing along one of our new Genus builds; the Firefly, which we want some feedback on from all you good folks! Most of the builds are in progress but you can still have a perch on them!

So come have a looksey and grab one of our distinguished badges and flyer for free!

See you there chums!

27/09/2012 – CB Galore!

Everything happens at once! So we are frantically trying to get Pup 2 finished as it need to be done and out of the Temple, aswell as trying to keep making headway with our EFI build and then we get an opportunity to work in collaboration with some good people to finally start on not one but two CB250’s!

We couldent refuse! Both completely different models and both completely different build specs, one being a tall fat tyred flatracker style and the other being a short squat brat styled build. Although building from inspiration from other builders and their motorcycles these bikes will feature heavy OEMness in a variety of different ways! Keep posted!

31/08/2012 – Revitalising the Virago….


The Virago 535, not the nicest looking motorcycle to roll out the Yamaha factory and certainly not one known for its use as the foundations for a custom build.

Its builds like these however that we want to focus our attentions on as part of our ‘Genus’ builds. Easily attainable, affordable and as yet relatively unused in the custom motorcycle world are our target motorcycles to then be turned in

to distinct OEM rides with as little work and funding as possible.

As previously put to you were opened minded to any donor motorcycles, a couple we really want to get our teeth into are the older iron barrel Royal Enfield and the Honda CB125/250/400 which are but a few.

The Genus builds are meant to be as affordable as possible and its more important to us at this point to get more of our designs and motorcycles out there than making our fortune!

Drop us a line with any ideas that you think we could put our styling into: