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16/10/2013 – These boots are made for walking….and riding


The boots we usually wear in the workshop are for all intent and purposes the boots we wear riding. Big ol’ steeleys which protect our tootsies from big hammers and bikes falling on them, however they are not that great when it comes too actually feeling whats going on in the bike shift and braking department.

This is why we used these handmade lovelys for our trip, made by Grenson in England they are unbelievably comfortable and although not made as a dedicated motorcycle boot they protect and support perfectly.

Check out these bad boys here:


06/08/2013 – Das Boot…

vulcan boots colour

We find that when trying to source decent motorcycling footwear its always a case of weighing up a suitable balance of protection, form and function. Like a set of gloves they have to firstly fit right, but also enable the user to feel exactly whats going on in the lever pressing zone and then its a double whammy if they look great too.

Made by Grenson in the heart of England, each set of these stunning boots are ‘Goodyear welted’ meaning that instead of throwing them away once worn up (like most things these days) you send them back to be resoled and away you go again! Each set is lovingly crafted and can take up to 3 weeks to make and the finished result is exemplary. That said these shoes are not specifically designed for protection but damn do they look good and feel good! Check out there fine wares here: