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22/07/2013 – The Vulcan cometh….


Well its been a while since our last release but its a big one, our first jap twin engined build, based around a 1975 CB250 we wanted to flex our designing muscles and see what we could come up with. The result is the OEM Vulcan which is set for release end of the month alongside an amazing attire setup involved in the shoot and the obligatory steam train or two….

Photographs courtesy of Nadine Ijewere

27/09/2012 – CB Galore!

Everything happens at once! So we are frantically trying to get Pup 2 finished as it need to be done and out of the Temple, aswell as trying to keep making headway with our EFI build and then we get an opportunity to work in collaboration with some good people to finally start on not one but two CB250’s!

We couldent refuse! Both completely different models and both completely different build specs, one being a tall fat tyred flatracker style and the other being a short squat brat styled build. Although building from inspiration from other builders and their motorcycles these bikes will feature heavy OEMness in a variety of different ways! Keep posted!