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05/11/2013 – Not long now…


Its been delayed alittle further as we are putting the final finishing touches to our little roadtrip video but be assured it will be well worth it! But one final thanks to all involved in clothing us in the most stylish of manners!

Azo Equipment, Born and Bred, Private White VC, Eastman Leather Company, Edwin, FanOptics, Grenson, Lewis Leathers, Ruby Helmets and Foundry Motorcycles.

Thank You!

25/05/2012 – We’re live!


Okay Folks! We pleased to announce the website update is finito!
The first of our Progeny motorcycles is finished, just tweaking a few components to get her just right!

The spec page with detailed photos both on the page with links to our latest photo shoot for the Pup and our Attire! http://www.oldempiremotorcycles.com/motorcycles/oem-progeny/the-pup/

Speaking of Attire….. the Eshop is officially open! http://www.oldempiremotorcycles.com/attire/

And…..the first 10 hockney or classic tees sold get a free yet unreleased enamel OEM pin badge AND one of our flyers with ANOTHER badge attached, which we usually reserve for shows!

We have only a small range initially but every item is specially sourced or designed at OEM. All of the work on the shirts is done here in blighty and we are in the process of beginning a donation scheme with a UK organisation that encourages, funds and educates young British people about the future of British buisness, Keep posted!