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15/06/12 – This weekend we are mainly…..

This weekend we are mainly attending the Custom Motorcycle Show at the Beaulieu Motor Museum!

No stand this time unfortunately but the Pup will be present will some flyers and badges around her for keepsakes! Pop down and see the creme de la creme of British custom motorcycles, its also part of the AMD world championship so whoever wins is off the Sturgis for the finals!

Pop down on either Saturday and Sunday as the OEM team will be hanging about wearing our attire and generally looking fabulous, but also chatting to anyone interested in the cause!

Click on the image above for more info!

21/05/12 – All Quaked out….

Back from Dirtquake! A MASSIVE thankyou to the sideburn boys for the event of the year so far in our books! Amazing people, motorcycles and what an event! Who would have thought a rigid classic trumph with huge over girders could be so lithe and agile around a dirt track! Respect has to go to a fellow enfield nut who did rather well on his own bullet (complete with a cream and pink jumpsuit) who even had enough effort to help hoof the Pup back into the trailer at the end of the day! Gracias Chris!

On our return from Dirtquake, I just could not get out of my head a modern Ducati based entrant to the next dirtquake (hopefully), or a similar event, we are talking tall grasstracker knobbly wheels front and back, minimal trellis (ish) frame, tiny tank, seat hung on the top tube, rigid front and back, mountain bike front brake some low clean bars and thats it! These are just scribbles but we could have something here we thinks…..