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18/09/2013 – Trippin out…

33So we spend far too much time in the workshop as it is, and considering we make motorcycles for a living we find ourselves very rarely getting the time to ride them!

So when an opportunity arises to not only embark on a marathon mega road trip with two of our bikes we decided it was too good not film the journey and the exploits along the way. Its all pretty hush hush at the moment but there is only two things you need to know:

2000 miles and two 250’s.


19/08/2013 – The Brackstival..

IMG_20130818_093934Typically Sunday is the day set aside for rest and prayer which is pretty much exactly what we didnt do yesterday. For once the OEM workshop dwellers of Suffolk headed out into the bright sunlight and down to Brackley.

‘Why Brackley?’ you say. Well it turns out that this quaint town attracts a sea of motorcyclists of all shapes and sizes upon its annual motorcycle festival event now its 5th year and still going strong. We were very kindly invited down by the organisers as part of the BikeShed along with the very Spiritual SOTS boys and the upcoming builder CRC who with between us all managed to assemble a mighty selection of sweet sickles!

The turn out was truly fantastic and we were told a record for the event which is not a surprise as this is the only picture we could snap at the very beginning of the day where you could see all the bikes! Thank goes to all the organisers, especially Dom and Andy for being so hospitable and we hope they raised plenty of money for a very worthwhile charity.

See you all next year!

17/08/2013 – Smiths…


Not long till Vulcan launch day now folks! To keep you going here is another close up of one of the most special parts of the build, our very own OEM Smiths chronometric speedo! Its fully digital, with its own sender unit and features a digital odometer display all controlled with a simple push button mounted wherever you like.

Its a superb combination of classic aesthetics and modern electronics which you will be seeing more of on future OEM builds. And whats even better is that they are still made on these fair isles and the chaps down at Smiths are more than accommodating when it comes to how to use these fantastic dials! Check them out here:


07/08/2013 – Burnt Beanie!


It may be summer and it may be quite hot on a rare occasion but with good old unreliable English weather you just never know when the next snow storm is round the corner. Which is exactly why we came prepared for the Vulcan shoot with one of Sideburns ultra awesome beanie’s. The Sideburn boys are a good bunch of people and they turn out a stylish little magazine of which they are already up to issue 14, but not only do they excel in the magazine making area but they also have a wicked taste in design and all there merch is top notch. Check em out here:


06/08/2013 – Das Boot…

vulcan boots colour

We find that when trying to source decent motorcycling footwear its always a case of weighing up a suitable balance of protection, form and function. Like a set of gloves they have to firstly fit right, but also enable the user to feel exactly whats going on in the lever pressing zone and then its a double whammy if they look great too.

Made by Grenson in the heart of England, each set of these stunning boots are ‘Goodyear welted’ meaning that instead of throwing them away once worn up (like most things these days) you send them back to be resoled and away you go again! Each set is lovingly crafted and can take up to 3 weeks to make and the finished result is exemplary. That said these shoes are not specifically designed for protection but damn do they look good and feel good! Check out there fine wares here: