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16/12/2013 – Winter sunshine…


The wintertime sun can be a nasty one. There is very little of it, there is very little warmth from it but it still manages to blind you more intensely than any summer sun could do. All the more reason we donned Fan Optics sleek set of ‘Brock’ sunglasses made here in Blighty!

We have worked with them before for our film ‘The Delivery’ and they performed flawlessly throughout the entire trip, so we thought it was a shame not to get them out for the upcoming release of the Bulldog. We think they look mighty fine!

Check their British made optics here:

Fan Optics

15/12/2013 – Schweet tee’s….


Its not tee wearin weather but the tee’s we used on the Bulldog shoot were too good not post about!

Thanks goes to Rivet and Hide again for them. Although nothing too fancy, the artwork was super schweet and the printing top notch quality. Promise you its not too long to the Bulldog release now and good news is we have a little video aswell…..

Check out these fine tees’s here:

Rivet and Hide

23/10/13 – All Edwinned out…

_MG_0230Edwin are not unknown for there collaborations with motorcycle builder, most notably the boys at Blitz motorcycles.

All the more reason to feel very proud that we were able to use a couple of pairs of their fine jeans and shirts for our recent trip. To be honest im not a fan of manbit crushingly tight jeans and espieally not when riding a motorcycle on a considerable journey.

However i have no complaints about these bad boys, everything remained unrestricted and uncrushed after many hours riding and considering they were a new pair of jeans they seemed to wear in nicely very quickly. The denim itself is super sturdy and even though we spent some time crawling under the bikes on pavement they seemed unscathed. All in all we likey long time!

Check them out here:


25/05/2012 – We’re live!


Okay Folks! We pleased to announce the website update is finito!
The first of our Progeny motorcycles is finished, just tweaking a few components to get her just right!

The spec page with detailed photos both on the page with links to our latest photo shoot for the Pup and our Attire! http://www.oldempiremotorcycles.com/motorcycles/oem-progeny/the-pup/

Speaking of Attire….. the Eshop is officially open! http://www.oldempiremotorcycles.com/attire/

And…..the first 10 hockney or classic tees sold get a free yet unreleased enamel OEM pin badge AND one of our flyers with ANOTHER badge attached, which we usually reserve for shows!

We have only a small range initially but every item is specially sourced or designed at OEM. All of the work on the shirts is done here in blighty and we are in the process of beginning a donation scheme with a UK organisation that encourages, funds and educates young British people about the future of British buisness, Keep posted!