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04/11/2014 – Advising them builds….


We’re all for you ladies and gents getting hands on with your motorsickles, so we have decided to offer our expertise and advice in building your own custom motorcycle, especially if it is based loosely on one of our own builds.

Whether its design advice or sourcing parts to sourcing services this is something we can help with! Drop us a line by clicking HERE to get some more information.

05/06/2014 – Master Blaster….


Its been a while since we posted so we thought to post something useful!

If anybody has been about the business of rebuilding engines, gearboxs etc then all will know the time consuming process of stripping everything down, bagging components up, photographing the process, the cleaning and then doing it all again in reverse.

We get scolded on a regular basis for using donor motorcycles that are in good running order and not ‘bags of bolts’ but there are good reasons behind doing so and its not laziness as some may think. Cost effectiveness is the key and if you decide to use a ‘bag of bolts’ as a donor you would be silly not to go through the motions of rebuilding the mechanical side things. However this skyrockets labour costs which are added ontop of all our other costings which certain people (maybe the very same scolders..) seem to wince and moan at! You cant win!

But for those of open mindedness, the fact is that using a perfectly happily running machine as a donor and leaving it alone internally is the most cost effective way to build a custom machine. The only nice thing about stripping everything is you can clean, blast, polish and paint everything without any problems and then rebuild it all. Not so with a complete engine or gearbox, horror stories of blast grit or glass firing around the insides of the engine are aplenty. However one solution we have found is SODABLASTING.

We use MP SODABLASTING who provide and pick up and drop off service with a smile and the finish is exemplary. Ill leave it to the proprietor to explain:

Soda blasting uses a specially formulated granular bicarbonate of soda crystal, it’s naturally an abrasive but as such will not damage metal like grit / shot will. It is used as a thorough deep clean on many substrates. Soda will remove most coatings aswell as cleaning the metal of all traces of it, but keeping all metal and seals intact and is also soluble and therefore easy to flush out.’

Just bung and seal off everything properly and let the soda do the work, wash everything out thoroughly with a solvent based cleaner and you have an immaculate finish ready for paint, polish or scotch. Bing Bada Boom!

Check more of Matt’s work out here: