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06/02/2014 – Off to the big city again…


Our first day out of 2014 involves heading down for the MCN Excel Motorcycle show from the 14th – 16th of this month. Its the debut of our freshly finished unseen OEM Merlin build and the Bulldog will be making an appearance also. Head on down for a looksy as the line up in the custom zone looks mighty fine indeed…

Pre-order your tickets here:


28/12/2013 – Ruby Ruby Ruby…


Since we got back from our little adventure depicted in The Delivery we had forgotten how comfortable the helmets Ruby let us use for the 1000 mile journey were. Once again those good ol boys based in Paris let us use another ‘Castel St Germain‘ for the Bulldog shoot.

Personally I am not a big fan of full face helmets whatever the style and although admittedly they do stop your face from being rubbed along the tarmac in the event of an ‘off’, I still dont get the entire satisfaction that I get when riding with a simple open faced number.

However I have met my match. Le Castel, as I am sure you agree looks the business, espieally with the tinted visor and even better no fogging up due to the clever and eye catching ventilation in the chin piece. Safe to say if I were to suddenly become sensible and cross over to the dark side and buy a full face then I am pretty sure it would be one of these beauty’s.

Check out there entire range here:

Ateliers Ruby

10/12/2013 – When you go down into the woods today….

IMG_5655_E2Our latest shoot for the OEM Bulldog turned out to be a fantastic day, the sun shone and the sky was blue, so we decided to take her to a beautiful location hidden in the depths of the north Norfolk countryside of which you will see more of shortly…

We were lucky yet again to have some stunning attire to choose from, a lot of which was kindly supplied by British based company Rivet and Hide. Their specialty is premium selvedge denim sourced from all around the world. For the Bulldog shoot we had a few items which included within was a set of Flathead Japanese denim jeans, the quality and thickness of the denim is unbelievable, very different to the usual sets you see on the high street.

Rivet and Hide also stock Hiut denim and Dawson Denim, some of the only British based denim makers in the country of which you will be seeing more of shortly…

Check them out here:

Rivet and Hide


08/12/2013 – Girdered…..


So we had a trip down south this weekend, not the most pleasant of journeys we have been on but well worth the appalling slow weekend traffic down the A21.

Good news is that we finally dropped of the OEM Typhoon down at Jake Robbins Vintage Engineering based in Hastings. We only spent a short time in his workshop but suffice to say we were impressed not just by the setup but by the man himself who proved a fountain of knowledge when it comes to not only girder forks but general metal work.

The set of girders being specially made for the Typhoon are based on a small production run of handmade pre war triumph girders. You have to take my word on it but the craftsmanship is astounding and we cannot wait to see the custom set on the Typhoon!

Jake and his son are another example of fine British craftsmanship hidden away on this fair isle.

Check them out here:

Jake Robbins Vintage Engineering

21/10/2013 – Cruising in comfort…


On our recent mega-trip we were honoured to ride in Jackets made by Britain’s oldest motorcycle clothing company, Lewis Leathers.

Although the jackets we had were made of the finest thick nu buck leather they were surprisingly light and supple, the cut of them meant they fitted perfectly and even when in a riding position you could move freely.

Of course the most important thing is that they looked absolutely fabulush! We were lucky to have both black and brown examples and both were equally appealing. Its no surprise a company who produces such high quality jackets has been around for over 100 years, we expect them to be around for another 100 as long as they keep turning out jackets like these!

Head over to their shop here: