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28/12/2013 – Ruby Ruby Ruby…


Since we got back from our little adventure depicted in The Delivery we had forgotten how comfortable the helmets Ruby let us use for the 1000 mile journey were. Once again those good ol boys based in Paris let us use another ‘Castel St Germain‘ for the Bulldog shoot.

Personally I am not a big fan of full face helmets whatever the style and although admittedly they do stop your face from being rubbed along the tarmac in the event of an ‘off’, I still dont get the entire satisfaction that I get when riding with a simple open faced number.

However I have met my match. Le Castel, as I am sure you agree looks the business, espieally with the tinted visor and even better no fogging up due to the clever and eye catching ventilation in the chin piece. Safe to say if I were to suddenly become sensible and cross over to the dark side and buy a full face then I am pretty sure it would be one of these beauty’s.

Check out there entire range here:

Ateliers Ruby

28/10/2013 – Nothing like some knitware….


Among the many company’s that kindly worked with us on our recent trip we have to admit we got quite excited by working with Private White VC. The history to the brand is fantastic and check out their ‘meet private white‘ page, its spiffing stuff! All made in Manchester they are a fine examples of the quality and craftsmanship still about on this fair isle.

Not only were we able to road test these fantastic British knitted sweaters but also their ‘twin track’ bee’swax jackets which proved to be waterproof and oh so super comfortable.

All in all some sterling British made stuff! Check them out here: