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20/12/12 – Piccys!


Our photos from Saturnalia have finally been compiled into a gallery so hit the link and have a looksie! If you couldn’t make it this year then good news is we have agreed to do another next year that will be bigger, better, have heating and an even wider variety of custom motorcycles! Get on the Saturnalia page a give it a like to keep updated or sync in with the HotWire.


03/11/12 – The Saturnalia is coming to town….


We love shows. It gives us opportunity to get first hand feedback from you folks. What you like, what you dont like and so far its helped hugely in what projects we undertake and where we go with them.

But we want to start to get interest from a wider variety of people, people not necessarily into motorcycles atall, and get them to see them as an art rather than just a vehicle for transport. Hence this is our first little exhibition that encompasses a wide variety of art forms. We think its got potential, but time will tell!

Go on, have a look at our fancy page and website!