OEM Custom Motorcycle Concept Build

We have found in previous experience that people can find it a daunting prospect commissioning a custom motorcycle build, it really shouldn’t be. When organised and coordinated properly we feel you should enjoy the designing and conceptual stages of the bike being built as much as riding it. It’s an intricate job requiring experience in a broad spectrum of skill sets which we have honed at the OEM House Of Assembly. We have put together this Concept build sheet for all those quizzical about a possible one off custom motorcycle build. And remember there is no commitment to build anything even if you go as far as to have a concept drawn up.

Step 1

Send us over as much or as little as you like by using the points referenced in ‘The Build Idea’ page below.

Step 2

For a small commitment fee we will then draw up a rough concept using the information provided.

Step 3

Once everybody is happy we come up with a suitable payment scheme and once the deposit is laid down the build can begin and you will receive a fully rendered colour print of the proposed concept.

The Build Idea

Tell us why you want a custom motorcycle? What you intend to use it for? How often it will be used? Where will it be used i.e mainly city or country or both? Are you mechanically minded? Do you enjoy tinkering? This all helps build us up a picture of the most suitable design for your needs in a more functional sense.
Find motorcycle images that the style, lines, riding position etc appeals to you. Gather as many photo/drawings/images of motorcycles that you like the look of as a complete bike. Include any imagery that you feel you want to include or take inspiration from which we can use to integrate within the design e.g a film watched or picture seen that inspires you.
Find pictures of motorcycles with certain parts or components that you like e.g a particular set of wheels or a particular fuel tank etc.
Potential Donor Motorcycles...
Keeping the style of motorcycle in mind, look at candidates based on how old you want the motor to look, how reliable it needs to be, the maintainability of it and the usability of it, how attainable it is. Usually we can help you with this once the first 2 steps have been taken and we have a rough idea on budget.
An important part of what can be achieved with what parts are used, what donor motorcycle is bought and how much labour time is available. Nearly any style can be achieved with any donor motorcycle but some are easier to modify than others and it comes down to the level of modification that is required to reach a suitable end result.


Remember that an OEM custom motorcycle concept build is a complete one off. Where countless hours are poured into each build regardless of the style and base motorcycle. We have found that it is important that each and every build that leaves the OEM House of Assembly is a true Old Empire Motorcycle and this is why we take so much time considering each build and whether they are suitable to be part of this very special breed of OEM motorcycles.


Below are listed some valuable websites that are full to the brim with custom motorcycles of all shapes and sizes:

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