The classic bullet 500 design has changed little through the many decades past from its conception. And for good reason, such a simple design looks great, sounds great and is the perfect platform to create something special. The beautiful nacelle houses all the unsightlys perfectly and is completed by our custom ‘Sturney Bars’ which are designed to mimick the shape of the housing exactly. Dashings of leather adorn the bike from the little leather knee pads to the handmade battery satchel and fusebox, all carefully thought about to keep the balance of the build perfect.

‘….OEMs skill in manufacture of understated classics from a bygone era of motorcycling are second to none’


‘ …beautifully simple, yet rich in detail….’


Specially chosen attire kindly provided by Davida UK LTD, ODFU Clothing, Chequered Flag, 78 Motor Co. and OEM Attire.

Photography by Jordie Donachie and Cinematography by Ciaran Paddy Fallon.

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